We gladly accept Medicare and Mass General Brigham AllWays Health (MGB Health). For all other insurance, Rehab Health 360 is considered an Out-of-Network (OON) practice. This means that we will collect payment upfront for the services provided and, upon request, you will be provided a detailed invoice (superbill) that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance company regarding your OON benefits. For individuals without insurance coverage or those who prefer to pursue therapy through self-payment, kindly contact our office to explore the various alternative choices available.

Referral Information for Patients

What is a Referral?

A referral in the context of healthcare is a recommendation from one healthcare provider, often your primary care physician (PCP), to another specialist or healthcare service. It's a way to ensure that patients receive appropriate care from experts who specialize in specific medical conditions or treatments.

Why a Referral Might Be Required:

Some insurance plans (for example Tufts Medicare Plan) require a referral from your PCP before you can see a specialist

Required Information for a Referral Request

Provider: Rehab Health 360 LLC

Provider NPI: 188 126 3614

Provider Fax: 978 798 6217

Name: [Patient's Name]

Date of Birth: [Patient's DOB]

Diagnosis/Condition: [Brief description of the patient's condition necessitating physical therapy]

Proposed number of physical therapy visits: 9-12

How to Obtain a Referral:

Please call your referral line at PCP office they will ask you for a NPI (National Provider number), fax number and a start date (some of this information is listed above).

Please call our office if we can help you with obtaining the referral.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: $200-300

  • Physical Therapy and Wellness session: $150-175

  • Short Physical Therapy session: $125

  • Massage: $150-170

  • Telehealth session: $150-175

  • Group exercise programs: $25-30/session

  • Annual Physical Therapy Screens: $250-300


*Please note: These fees are subject to change. We make every effort to ensure that these are the most updated fees. For confirmation and payment options, please check with the clinic at (978) 263-3600.

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